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Intercity Appraisals is a company built on strong and trusted relationships with local Credit Unions, Trust Companies and Chartered Banks. Since 1989 Intercity has been providing well-prepared appraisal reports, sound advice and excellent service.

Intercity has a large staff of appraisers covering all areas of Great Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley from West Vancouver to Chilliwack and all points between. With each appraiser specializing is their specific market areas we have developed close ties with local realtors and other market experts. Financial Institutions can be assured that the data included in our appraisal reports is the most current and relevant. Languages spoken include: English, Cantonese, Korean and Spanish.

Intercity closely monitors and interprets current and past market conditions. Clients are updated on a regular basis in the form of published reports and personal consultations. In both rising and falling markets, having accurate appraisal reports are critical to underwriting decisions.

Databases that are analysed by Intercity include the Real Estate Boards of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Intercity maintains their own database from properties previously appraised as well as sales and listing information obtained from local residential and ICI realtors.

Intercity Appraisals employs a proprietary and state of the art Ordering and Tracking system that enables Financial Institutions to create an appraisal order from our secure website and track it through the entire appraisal process.

Features of our online system include: appraisers name, notification of appointment time, notification of inspection and estimated time of completion. Lenders are able to retrieve appraisals directly from our website for at least seven years from the date of appraisal. Once the property has been inspected, Lenders can view digital photos and maps of the subject property on our website.

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